Footprint Action Update #1

We’re in Week 3, so it’s time to see how I am doing in terms of my goals.

Just a recap here are my goals from My Footprint:

  1. Eat Better
  2. Speedy Showers
  3. Smarter Shopping

1. Eat Better:  I have been eating a lot better, I meal prep all of my meals, so I bring my own containers and cutlery. I make three meals, and eat them for the 3-4 days I am up here. This week for lunch I decided to make zero waste mac and cheese. My family and I normally buy our produce and groceries from Trader Joes, but they are heavy on plastic packaging. I decided to go to my local co-op which is PCC. It is significantly more expensive, but for this one meal, I thought it would be worth it. PCC and co-ops are much more zero waste friendly, so it wasn’t too difficult. What I did find difficult was all those produce stickers, I noticed that is something many zero waste bloggers have complained about and is the biggest contributors to their trash jars. I am excited for my local farmers market that opens up in the summer where I won’t run into these stickers.

The meal was almost zero waste, I bought my produce all plastic bag free, and got nutritional yeast in the bulk section. I first shopped in my house, where I had a lot of the spices and ingredients like cashews. However, one thing I wanted to include in these was lentil pasta instead of macaroni, for the protein. I couldn’t find that in bulk so I had to buy a plastic bag of it from Trader Joes. Red Lentil pasta isn’t mainstream, so I understand why PCC wouldn’t carry it in its bulk section.

2. Speedy Showers: I bring my alarm clock to my showers now so I can keep track of time. It has been very helpful, and my showers are significantly shorter than what they once were.

3. Smarter Shopping: My mac-and-cheese was pretty sustainable, it was zero waste, and it featured local produce because I shopped at my local co-op. I am on the hunt for some seasonal recipes for next week.

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